Ms. Liza : Mother of Skyla in KG 2

Amity School Dubai is more than just a school; it is a student hub of inquiry, a space for students, faculty, staff and parents to learn, grow and celebrate. The Amity School Dubai experience is unique. The school community is supportive, inclusive and empowering, teachers, staff and parents work together to ensure that students succeed. 

Ms. Maheema : Mother of  Aahana : Grade 2

My child is truly flourishing here. She has made leaps and bounds academically, and socially. I would recommend Amity School Dubai to all my friends and family. My concerns have always been dealt with immediately and all issues have been resolved. The staff and teachers are all welcoming and smiling all the time. The parent community is kind and helpful to one another as well.

Mr. Lawrence : Father of Precious : KG 1

We have older siblings who have gone through the education system with various schools in the UAE, and thus we have benchmarks for assessing learning-milestones. The youngest is blessed to be in KG 1B as a student at Amity School Dubai. With only one term passing by, we have seen remarkable differences that astounded us.  That in just over 90 days the child could recite words with ease. Indeed she also picked up writing of the alphabets quickly within the same term.

The child’s improvement was not only in terms of academics, but also confidence gained during the show and tell activities which has helped her greatly. We as parents appreciate the great efforts taken by the teachers in leading our kids towards a better future.