Amity Education Group

Amity School Dubai is a part of the Amity Education Group, an organisation with a proven track record of moulding children to become successful leaders of tomorrow. The Group has universities, schools and preschools around the world.

Why Choose Amity Education Group

With over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing globally benchmarked education - from preschool beginnings to Ph.D. level honours. With our wealth of knowledge and expertise, you can be assured, your child will receive the best quality of education possible.

The Amity Education Group is a Not for Profit Education Foundation. With 200,000 students worldwide, our fast-growing network of globally benchmarked institutions has resulted in campuses across the world. Your child will benefit from:

An outstanding education

We encourage high academic standards, to develop both creative and critical thinking skills.

Community strength

Our school is a community. It’s a place where teachers, students and parents build strong partnerships, celebrate successes and have fun.

Inspiring teachers

Teachers are critical to a student’s success. That’s why we aim to attract the best talent from around the world to ensure our students excel in every endeavour, carrying wisdom into the world well past their time with us.