Amity School Dubai offers age-appropriate co-curricular activities to support students development, encouraging them to discover new talents, develop skills as well as improve in existing areas of strength.
The co-curricular programme includes sports and other activities in the field of fine arts, performing arts, music and dance.

Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining mental and physical health. Amity School Dubai encourages physical exercise as a foundation to a healthy lifestyle, promoting teamwork and fostering leadership qualities within our students. We emphasise indoor and outdoor play or sports activities as part of the every day school routine. To develop different motor fitness component for Kindergarten students like balance, coordination, speed and team spirit, a unique initiative called 'AHA' time has been introduced.

ASD runs a program called 'Every Child Wins' under which we provide opportunities for children to excel in various activities of their choice either before or after school hours. Our spacious playgrounds are well-equipped for developing and nurturing, physical strength, coordination and flexibility in our students, which also enhances their social and emotional skills.

For our annual sports day events, we encourage children to participate in a variety of games and sports, which exhibits leadership, team spirit and sportsmanship. All events are planned keeping in mind the safety of children. 

To nurture the creativity of our students we provide a panorama of opportunities in the field of performing and creative arts. Creative Arts is also integrated in our school curriculum across all subjects which motivates students to pursue opportunities that develop a personal artistic vision.

A student who has the zeal for art, be it creative, performing or visual, will flourish in our inclusive and supportive environment.