Dear Parents,

We transition into the future with an extraordinary curriculum re-design aimed at optimum student performance and wellbeing, preparing them to thrive in and shape the ever-changing future.
A time for everyone to seek new opportunities, invest in capacity building, grab game-changing technologies and accelerate learning.

School life at Amity School Dubai has shifted dramatically over the course of 2022.
Through change, our vibrant team of educators realigned and refocused teaching-learning capabilities, emerging optimistic and mission-centric.
  • A comprehensive future-oriented curriculum equips Amitians with ‘transformative competencies’, creating new value, and taking responsibility.
  • Central to the smart learners at ASD are engrained concepts of student agency (the ability, will and belief to positively influence their own lives and the world around them) and co-agency (learning based on reciprocal relationships)
The learning journey for each Amity scholar is truly spectacular. Our school’s philosophy ensures a powerful, high-quality learning experience enshrined in our shared vision, to inspire and energize every student and staff member with an inclusive, innovative and deep learning experience.

You will notice in your first interaction that our teachers are ‘skill sparklers’ who encourage students to take ownership of their learning. Our core curriculum unravels personalized and mastery-based learning. You will be a very happy parent as your child learns and grows in a beautifully designed campus with extraordinary learning spaces that are vibrant and exciting.  

I welcome you to visit us for a ‘learning walk’ to learn more about our school culture and ethos.

Tahiaty al qalbia – a very warm welcome to our beautiful campus and our loving community.
Fond wishes,
Sangita Chima