Security for your peace of mind

At Amity School Dubai, our students’ safety and well-being is our highest priority. That’s why we have a 24-hour campus security in place with CCTV surveillance and security personnel spread across our school grounds.


Accessibility for every child

Every building in our campus is built using environmentally-safe materials, with disability friendly movement throughout its grounds.


Safety is our top concern

Security personnel are organized through a guard patrolling system and campus security is further ensured through surveillance cameras and biometric sensors at key areas and the school entrance. In addition, visitor management is done through rigorous visual identification to ensure only those with valid reasons, appointments and identification enter the campus premises.


We are prepared for every eventuality

  • All staff are drilled and trained in various emergency procedures to ensure the highest standards of student safety is maintained. 
  • In case of fire, the alarm bells ring throughout the premises. Students are required to follow their teachers and reach the Assembly point at the earliest.
  • Fire drills are held at regular intervals to familiarize the students and school personnel about effective evacuation points and plans.
  • In case of any other emergency, students are required to close all windows and classroom doors and move to an assigned corner. All emergency systems are linked to a 24X7 monitoring system operations.
  • Regular lectures by safety experts are also organized to ensure the staff and children are well-versed with the best ways to handle an emergency, if one may arise.


We care for our environment

Through efficient waste management practises, chemical safety, ergonomic guidelines and safety awareness campaigns, we ensure worker safety and environmental protection throughout our campus grounds.



Academic Calendar

We’ve highlighted important dates and events for your convenience. 


Senior Leadership Team

Our leadership team sets a high benchmark, working closely and collaboratively to ensure that our students receive outstanding education in a happy and positive setting.



Amity School Dubai has comprehensive Learning Support Teams comprising of highly educated and experienced staff.

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