Quest for excellence

Building on the strong foundation laid in Kindergarten, our curriculum at the Primary level is child - centered and activity based . We believe that children learn best in a nurturing environment which is safe, joyful and intellectually stimulating. We endeavor to bolster academic excellence and ensure that every student reaches for success and beyond in every endeavor.


We believe in creating a safe, mindful and focused learning environment that provides appropriate care, guidance and carefully targeted support resulting in greater confidence and self-esteem.


The areas of learning are:

Scholastic areas

  • English
  • Enviromental Studies (Science and Social Studies)
  • Mathematics
  • Arabic
  • Islamic Education/Life Skills
  • UAE Social Studies
  • Moral Education
  • Second Language - Hindi, French, Malayalam or Tamil are offered as the second language subjects from Grade 1 and above


Co- Scholastic areas of the curriculum

  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Creative Arts
  • Body Kinesthetics
  • Swimming


Innovative learning programmes

  • Mahir
  • Tafkeer
  • Mindfulness
  • Sustainability


Good performances are rewarded

Keeping our leadership culture in mind, we reward our students with certificates of appreciation for Academic Achievement, Progress, Special Talents and Good behavior. Commendation Certificates are offered in order to motivate and encourage student’s performance in both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas. We believe that all children are capable of progress and achievement. We aim not only to provide students with quality education, but also to provide a holistic learning, which will make our students true universal citizens and leaders of tomorrow.


How do we monitor you child’s progress?

Assessments are an integral part of our evaluation system and are implemented to ascertain knowledge, understanding and skills attained by each child. Assessments are intended to provide feedback with respect to how well the student is grasping the concept being taught. At the Primary level, student assessments occur at periodic intervals during the academic year and is a part of regular classroom interaction. Assessments are graded and scores are maintained for the purpose of term end reports.


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