Hand in hand we learn


Our aim is to create and maintain an environment in which our kindergartners feel secure, happy and build and positive relationships between them and our practitioners.


The purpose of kindergarten is to provide learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate to meet the needs of the child and encourage a positive attitude towards lifelong learning.


What will your child learn?

Our enriched curriculum framework focuses on key areas of learning such as communication, motor skills, personal, social and emotional development. We are targeting these specific areas by learning to enhance their literacy, numeracy, understanding of the world, expressive arts and design.


Our supportive learning environment aims to: 

  • Promote the development of a child’s critical thinking skills 
  • Create awareness of diversity with an appreciation towards the nation’s values. 
  • Encourage enthusiasm and engagement towards learning


Consistently redesigning our learning processes and structures to support and enable the learning of our children is key. 


We are always on hand

We support every child’s learning through planned experiences and activities that are challenging yet achievable and creative.

Campus & Facilities

Our spacious, well-designed classrooms provide an ideal learning environment for children to learn and excel in each day


Mission & Values

Amity School Dubai provides an engaging and challenging learning environment where students are encouraged to excel intellectually, academically and socially


Our Curriculum

Amity School Dubai offers the CBSE Curriculum of India. We are aligned to meet the highest standard of Indian Education 


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