Amity School Dubai is focused on creating an environment of inclusivity and collaboration where equal educational opportunities are given to students of determination, in order to learn and experience academic, cultural, social and emotional success within a common learning environment.


As per the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework we encourage different learning style for student with determination  which are functional , relevant and meaningful . High quality of teaching and personal support is assured. By doing this, children learn to integrate and effectively communicate with their peers at an early age. Diversity in each student’s personalities is recognized and the different teaching strategies used have helped build quality relationships and prepare them for the society at large.


Special educational needs, Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and reports from Educational Psychologists or other specialist reports need to be communicated to the school. It is vital that parents share information about their child’s prior educational history in order to ensure that the appropriate assessments are completed before allocating and setting in place the necessary academic plans and resources. Admissions are not subject to the submission of medical diagnosis reports, and effective transition processes to ensure inclusivity and easy integration are a part of the school’s culture to encompass respect, acceptance and enrichment for all children.


Students who experience SEND (Special Educational Need or Disability) will not be refused admission. A special sibling priority admission is in place for students whose siblings experience SEND.








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