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Curriculum Overview

Amity School Dubai offers the CBSE Curriculum of India. We are aligned to meet the highest standard of Indian Education offering learning that is interdisciplinary, engaging, challenging which is taught by qualified and trained educators. Our holistic educational model focuses on the developmental stages of a child’s growth, the inseparability of social, emotional and intellectual components of the mind, and the importance of active, experiential methods with interactive classroom lessons.

Our School campus has been purposefully designed to be a safe and engaging environment. Class sizes are small to ensure that teachers have quality time to plan and deliver a unique educational experience for each learner in spacious classrooms and learning spaces.

Pre-Kindergarten Programme

Each child is an individual with unique interests, learning styles and needs, and our curriculum is specially designed to cater to this diversity. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) programme incorporating best practices from Reggio Emilia and the Montessori system.

EYS aims to help every child achieve the five Every-Child-Matters outcomes:

Enrolling children from 3 to 4 years.

Pre KG class timings: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Registration Fees (non-refundable) AED 500
Medical fees AED 500
Extended hour fees (per hour, per month) up to 4pm AED 150
Tuition Fees
Grade Annual Fees Term 1 Fee Term 2 Fee Term 3 Fee
Pre-KG AED 15,000 AED 4,500 AED 6,000 AED 4,500
Kindergarten Program

Our aim is to create and maintain an environment in which our kindergartners feel secure and happy by building positive relationship between them and our practitioners.

The purpose of kindergarten is to provide learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate to meet the needs of children and encourage a positive attitude towards lifelong learning.

Our enriched curriculum framework focuses on major key areas of learning such as communication and language, gross and fine motor skills development, personal, social and emotional development with extended learning to enhance their literacy, numeracy, understanding of the world, expressive arts and design.

We support every child’s learning through planned experiences and activities that are challenging but achievable and creative.

Primary Grade Programme

Our curriculum at the Primary level is child –centered and activity based .We believe that children learn best in a nurturing environment which is safe, joyful and intellectually stimulating. We endeavor to achieve academic excellence and ensure that every student is successful and a good human being in life.

English, Environmental Studies (Science and Social Studies) Mathematics, Second Language, Arabic, Islamic Education/ Moral Science are subjects which cover the scholastic areas, while PE, Music, Art and ICT cover the co- scholastic areas of the curriculum. Formal assessment reports will cover both these areas. Hindi, French, Malayalam or Tamil are offered as the second language subjects from Grade 1 and above. Students are offered certificates of appreciation for Academic Achievement, Progress, Special Talents and Good behavior. Commendation Certificates are offered in order to motivate and encourage student’s performance in both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas. We believe that that all children are capable of progress and achievement. We aim not only to provide students with quality education, but also to provide a holistic learning which will make our students true universal citizens.

Assessments are an integral part of our evaluation system and are implemented to ascertain knowledge, understanding and skills attained by each child. Assessments are intended to provide feedback with respect to how well the student is grasping the concept being taught. At the Primary level students assessments occur at periodic intervals during the school year and are a part of regular classroom interaction. Assessments are graded and scores are maintained for the purpose of term end reports.

Middle Grade Programme

The Middle School Programme at Amity School Dubai covers classes from Grade 6 till Grade 8 and closely follows the CBSE board rules and guidelines as this focuses on elevating the caliber of students academically. Amity School Dubai goes a step forward to foster the virtue of creating good human beings. We emphasize acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge, communication and leadership skills and creating an awareness of each student’s place in the world around us.

Amity School Dubai strongly believes that all great ideas begin with a commitment to the future. “Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture you own”. Our aim is to inculcate this vision into each student. Apart from the core subjects like English, Math, Science and Moral Education, the Middle school programme at Amity School Dubai prepares students to take up Chemistry, Physics and Biology as part of their studies.

Our state of the art classrooms, well equipped laboratories and fully functional ICT rooms offer students great opportunities to learn and prepare them to take Secondary & Senior Secondary Examinations in line with the CBSE requirements. Our well qualified and trained teachers deliver the CBSE content using modern teaching methods to engage each student and encourage them to reach their full potential. Our wide ranging assessment methods ensure that we are able to build an accurate picture of each child’s progress and are based on the CBSE guidelines.

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Activities provide opportunities for students to pursue areas of interest, develop skills and make new friends. Amity School Dubai offers age-appropriate co-curricular activities to support our students development, encouraging them to discover new talents as well as improve in areas of strength.

Our co-curricular program include sports and other activities in the field fine arts, performing arts, music and dance.


Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining health.

Amity School Dubai encourages physical exercise as a foundation to a healthy lifestyle for many years to come. Indoor/outdoor play or sports activities will be a part of every School day.

Our spacious playgrounds are equipped with recreational equipment which help children develop physical coordination, strength, flexibility, along with supporting social and emotional development.

For our annual sports day events, we will encourage children to participate in a wide range of sports events, cheer on their teammates and learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship. Events will be planned in a fun, safe and easy to participate manner.